Karol Karnas - Full Stack Developer

  • "Specialization": "I am specializing in creating pixel perfect Interfaces. Currently my favorite stack to do that is React + Typescript + TailwindCSS",
  • "Stack": {
    • "Frontend": "React, Next.js, Typescript, JavaScript ES6+, Redux",
    • "Backend": "Node.js, Express, PostgreSQL, SQL, MongoDB, Mongoose",
    • "CSS": "TailwindCSS, SASS, CSS Modules, Bootstrap",
    • "Testing": "JEST, React Testing Library, Cypress",
    • "Environment": "Linux, Git, Github, Jira, Confluence, Figma",
    • "Other": "Wordpress, WooCommerce"
  • "AI": "I am using ChatGPT to prototyping (generating more realistic text placeholders), in my learning process (in limited way, i do not trust it :D)/ MidJourney/LeonardoAi to generate placeholders/inspiration",
  • "Background": "I have always love to create. Programming is art in itself. But I am experienced in other related occupations. So in my toolbox are many semi related to programming skills, such as: Photography, Composition, Esthetics, 2D Animation, UI/UX",
  • "Experience": "I am experienced with various Frontend and Backend technologies"
Karol Karnas full stack developer